Manage client ID & secret

Client ID & Secret key management

Client IDs and Secrets Keys must be generated by a ServiceTitan admin within your organization and shared with you. Client IDs and Secret Keys are not shared between the integration and production environments. They are unique to a specific application in a specific environment. Therefore, Client IDs and Secret Keys should be generated separately to access the integration and production environments, as these are different tenant instances.

  ServiceTitan customer: As a ServiceTitan customer, your organization will have access to a Client ID and Secret Key for both the integration and production environments. 

ServiceTitan developer: If you are a ServiceTitan developer, you will only have access to a Client ID and Secret Key for the integration environment. You can use the Integration environment to test your app. If you are marketing your app to a ServiceTitan customer, you should obtain the Client ID and Secret Key from the customer who wants to use your app.

Below are the steps to Generate a Client ID and Secret Key

  1. User with admin permissions should log into the ServiceTitan UI either in integration or production environment. Note: Client ID & Secret Key are specific to the environment in which they are generated and should be used accordingly.

  2. In the left hand menu, click Integrations>API Application Access. The Manage API Application Access screen opens. 

  3. Click Connect New App. If you have existing apps you will see them listed here.

    Note:If you don't see the app you want to connect to ask the developer of the app to add your tenant ID through the developer portal.

  4. Choose the app you would like to connect to. 

  5. The API scopes open (how the app wants to interact with your resources and data). You may choose to Allow or Decline access.

  6. If you allow access, your Client ID & Secret Key will be generated. Share the Client ID & Secret Key along with your Tenant ID to the app developer in a secure way. App developers will embed the Client ID & Secret Key into the app.

    Note: Enabling a Client ID and  Secret Key and sharing it with an app developer means, you as the admin (resource owner) are granting access to the app to operate on your resources (data).

    Note: If you have multiple tenants, say X no of tenants, then you need to obtain X tenant specific Client ID & Secret pairs.

    Disabling Client ID & Secret 

    If you have previously enabled a Client ID & Secret Key and for some reason you want to disable it, you can. By disabling, you are pausing the previously granted access to the developer. In this state, the app cannot access your resources. You will still have the ability to restore access. 

    To Disable the Client ID & Secret Key

    1. From Manage API Application Access, select the app from the list of apps that you want to disable. 

    2. Click Disable>Confirm and Continue.