V1 & V2 API payload differences

I see that a lot of information has been removed from jobs and projects, and a) an ID is returned instead or b) no information is returned at all in V2s. What should I do ?

It's likely this information can be found elsewhere. Very little information was completely removed from our APIs.

If an ID is returned in the response, there's a corresponding endpoint which can give you details based upon that ID. For example, if Job Type is returned as an ID on the jobs response. There's a new Job Type endpoint which can give you the details like the name, etc.

If a field was returned in V1 that is no longer returned in V2, it's likely there's a different endpoint you can use to get the same information. For example, if you're looking for a job's invoice, the invoice endpoint accepts job ID as a parameter even though invoice ID is not part of the jobs response anymore.

I used to be able to get key details from a job’s history in the GET Jobs/id. Where's this information now?

There's a Job history endpoint where you can get the details you're looking for.

I used to be able to get a lot of information about the job, including but not limited to invoices, estimates, campaigns, job types, customers, and locations from the GET jobs endpoint. How do I get this information now?

The jobs endpoint only returns job-specific information now. If an ID is returned instead of the information you want, use the appropriate endpoint to get details using that ID. Many endpoints also accept job ID as a parameter. For example, for invoice details, use the invoice endpoint and use job ID as a parameter. For endpoints that do not accept job ID, use the endpoint-specific ID provided in the jobs response and use the desired. For example, for campaigns use the campaign ID provided in the jobs response in the campaign endpoint to get additional campaign details

How do I find all the jobs on a project ?

The project's endpoint no longer returns job-related information. Use the jobs endpoint and the project parameter to get a list of all the jobs associated with a project. You can also use the appointments endpoint and pass it a project ID if you're looking for all of the appointments from a job that is part of a specific project..

How do I find all the estimates or invoices from a project ?

For the estimate and invoice endpoints, you can pass it a project parameter.

How do I reschedule a job ?

To change the date and time of a job, use the appointments endpoint. Use the specific appointment ID that you want to change.

How do I assign or un assign a technician from a job ?

If you're assigning or un assigning technicians after the job has been booked, use the assign endpoint. Indicate which Appointment ID you're trying to assign/un assign.

How do I know who is assigned to each job and appointment and their splits ?

Use the appointment assignments endpoint to know who is assigned to each job's appointment. You can use appointment ID or job ID as parameters. For splits, use the job splits endpoint and the job ID parameter.