Dev Portal, App key and Client ID & Secret Key

How do I login to the MyApps tab

In order to login to the My Apps tab of the dev portal, your ServiceTitan admin needs to establish you as a user in your organization's integration environment or the production environment instances. Once you are established with user credentials, you can use those credentials to login to the My Apps tab. 

How is the app key generated ?

After you login to the My Apps tab of the dev portal, you will create an app, add tenant IDs, and choose API scopes. Once these steps are completed and saved, your app key is generated.

Can I edit my API scopes ?

No. Once you have selected your API scopes, and generated an app key, you cannot modify the API scopes. If you want to change the API scopes, you need to follow the process of creating an app again, choose the modified API scopes and generate a new app key. 

Who and how should the Client ID & Secret Key be generated ?

User with admin permissions (that is who has to 'Manage API Application Access' permission) will review applications requesting access to the resources and will generate a Client ID and Secret Key for that app and then share it with the developer of that application.

Multiple ServiceTitan customers will use the app I am creating. Will the same app key, Client ID and Secret Key work for all of them ?

Since the app key represents the application, you can use the same key for multiple customers. Since Client ID & Secret Key are unique to each ServiceTitan customer, you need to obtain an application and customer specific Client ID & Secret Key from the ServiceTitan admin of each customer. For example, if you have an application that will be used by 10 ServiceTitan customers, you need to obtain 10 Client IDs & Secrets Keys but can use the same app key. 

Why are Tenant IDs added while creating an app ?

As an application developer you need to add the Tenant IDs of the customers whom you want to let to use your app. By adding Tenant IDs, ServiceTitan admins at the customer organizations can discover your app and would be able to generate and enable the Client ID & Secret Key and share it with you. You can add any number of tenant IDs, and can add and remove tenant IDs at any time even after the app has been created. 

Does ServiceTitan follow OAuth 2.0 protocol ?

Yes, with the advent of V2 APIs ServiceTitan now uses the OAuth 2.0 machine to machine client credentials grant flow.