Pricebook APIs

Pricebook consists of Services, Materials, Equipment, Categories, Discounts and Fees endpoints.

ServiceTitan’s Pricebook stores services and materials used to complete a job. Technicians use Price book to create estimates faster by using pre-populated services, materials and prices rather than creating estimates from scratch each time.

Services—Services are what technicians are doing while on a job. For example, replacing a capacitor or installing an emergency valve.

Materials—Materials are the items used by a technician to complete a service. So in the previous example the materials would be the capacitor and the emergency valve.

Equipment—Equipment are large ticket items that are installed. The install dates are usually tracked for replacement opportunities. Examples of equipment are condensers or furnaces.  

Categories—You can organize your pricebook by categories. Each service, material, and piece of equipment should be given a category so the technician can easily find items.    

When a business offers a new service, a service item is added to their pricebook. If there are materials needed to complete the service, material items are created also. Once both the service and material have been added, you can link them together. Linking a material to a service improves consistency - every technician knows what materials they should use when performing a service and helps track inventory. The cost of the material is used to calculate the service price when leveraging ServiceTitan’s pricing features. 

High level use cases for these APIs:

  • Get a list of Pricebook items 

  • Add, modify or delete any Pricebook items