Payroll consists of Timesheet Codes, Activity Codes, Job Splits, Payroll Adjustments, Payrolls, Technician Payrolls, Employee Payrolls, Gross Pay Items endpoints.

Payroll APIs

ServiceTitan offers a variety of ways to track and manage employee payroll; for both timesheet and performance pay. Employees have the ability to punch in and out of both job and non-job events in ServiceTitan, which determines the number of hours they have worked. There is also the ability to incentivize employees through bonuses, commissions, and spiffs which ServiceTitan helps automate.

Timesheet codes—Non-job related events that a company can create in order to keep track of employee non-productive time. Examples include meetings, shop time, and training.

Activity codes, or earning codes—A way for companies to aggregate and consolidate all of  their employees gross earnings in ServiceTitan to match the earning codes of a third party payroll processor. Assigning earnings codes to earnings aids in exporting and importing data from ServiceTitan to your payroll processor.

Job split—When multiple technicians are assigned to a job, the job split determines what percent of the revenue, bonus/spiff each technician receives.

Payroll adjustments—Provide a way for companies to manually create earnings inside ServiceTitan.

Payroll periods—Define when the company pay period starts and ends. This drives the overtime calculation for hourly employees and provides a quick way of pulling gross earnings for employees in a given payroll period.

Gross pay items—Itemized earnings for all employees. They include all paid time events as well as any bonuses, commissions, and adjustments

High level use cases for these APIs:

  • Get information about timesheet codes:

    • Who the code is applicable to 

    • Whether the code is paid, unpaid, or time off

  • Add or delete payroll adjustments

  • Get information about technician splits on a job

  • Get gross pay data by pay period

  • Insert manually calculated gross earnings into ServiceTitan