Dispatch consists of Capacity, Technician shifts, Appointment Assignments, GPS Pings (coming soon), Zones (coming soon), Non-Job Appointments (coming soon) end points.

Capacity APIs

Capacity is real time data about total capacity and availability to add jobs. Capacity is increased by adding technician shifts. Capacity is decreased by booking those technicians on jobs. ServiceTitan’s Adjustable Capacity Planning feature calculates real-time availability and the results can be provided via API.

Capacity—The number of labor hours scheduled.

Availability—The number of hours available or free from commitment. Availability equals capacity minus hours of work booked for a given time period.

High level use cases for these APIs:

  • Retrieve real time availability

  • Use in conjunction with the Jobs API and Appointments API to retrieve real time availability and create bookings

Technician shifts

Shifts keep track of which technicians are working and when, which technicians are off and when, and which technicians are on-call for emergencies and when. Shifts can span one calendar day or go overnight.

Available—A technician is working and available to be assigned to jobs.

On-call—Technician is not active but can be called in if there is a need for them. For example, there is an emergency or demand spikes unexpectedly.

Time off—Technician is not available to be assigned for jobs or in case of an emergency.

High level use cases for these APIs:

  • Chosen providers will have full visibility into your technician's schedules

    • Third party scheduling software can retrieve data on your technician’s shifts

    • Outside payroll providers can retrieve data on your technician’s shifts

Appointment Assignments (below notes coming soon. Please refer to API reference tab end point details)