CRM consists of Leads, Tags, Bookings (coming soon), Customers (coming soon), Locations (coming soon), Tag Types (coming soon) end points.

Leads APIs

A lead is an opportunity to book a job. A lead is created after an inquiry from a customer doesn’t convert into a job. The inquiry is categorized using a call reason. You can also manually enter a list of leads into ServiceTitan. These are also assigned a call reason, even though there wasn’t an inbound inquiry. 

Leads can be assigned a next follow up date, so someone in the office can reach back out about the lead. Leads that don’t require further follow ups are dismissed, and any leads that are followed up on are logged for tracking purposes. If a follow-up on a lead results in a job being booked, the lead is converted to Won. 

High level use cases for these APIs:

  • Get details about one or more leads

  • Find leads that don’t have a customer or location associated with them

  • Find leads by status, to follow up on open leads. 

Tags APIs (below notes coming soon. Please refer to API reference tab for end point details).